I went to my first comprehensive eye exam since high school at an eye doctor here in town. My experience was not the best and I had major concerns about the prescription written for me by the facility. I called PVCS to explain my concerns and that I thought the prescription was incorrect. I asked if there was any way to get a second opinion without having to pay out of pocket. I am a single mom and could not afford one on my own. PVCS was so supportive and kind. They immediately said of course and helped me locate another optometrist in my area. They made a note in my profile and it was completely hassle free. I went to my second opinion and turned out the first place was incorrect. PVCS made my experience so easy and now I have found an eye doctor I am completely pleased with! Thank you again for all you have done and your friendly services!
Katie Sanderson
Special Education Teacher
Charles Evans Elementary
My family have used this product for years and love it! The best part is no co-pay on office visits. Also you can't beat the wholesale pricing discounts on glasses and contact refills. Saves me tons of money.
James Bishop

I was so tired of the spending more and more each year with my old vision provider. Since changing to PVCS, I have been able to get both glasses and contacts in the same year. I also enjoy the ZERO co-pay for visits to a PVCS provider.
Weston Naols