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Primary Vision Care Services Open Enrollment for Oklahoma Residents: September 1 through November 30 with benefits beginning January 1, 2022

  • Eye exams covered 100% (no co-pay)
  • Contact lens fittings co-pay: $50 new soft contact lens fittings, $75 rigid or gas, $150 hybrid
  • Prescriptive eyewear provided at wholesale cost (frames, lenses, lens options and contacts)
  • Exams and prescription eyewear:
    • unlimited routine eye exams; as needed
    • unlimited prescription glasses
    • annual supply of contacts
  • Glasses and contacts can be purchased in same plan year
  • Savings on Lasik at nJoyVision in Oklahoma City
How Our Plan Works
No ID cards or pre-authorization. Simply call PVCS doctor for an appointment, identify yourself as a PVCS plan member and the doctor will verify your eligibility. At your appointment, there is no copayment for your eye exam. All eyeglasses and/or contact lenses, and lens options available through your doctor are provided at wholesale cost. The wholesale cost is about 50% off what you would normally pay and is your responsibility at the time of service.
What You Get with PVCS
Member must use PVCS doctors and services for the entire Plan Year. Plan members get unlimited exams, unlimited pairs of eyeglasses and/or annual supplies of contact lenses, all at wholesale cost.
Our Network and How To Use It
Locate a PVCS doctor using the Provider Guide, calling PVCS, or going to our website. Contact the doctor, provide your name and identification number, and the doctor will handle the rest. Exams are covered by the premium with no copayment. Eyeglasses, contacts, and lens options are purchased at wholesale cost.
Enhanced Benefits
Discounted laser refractive surgery through nJoy Vision Oklahoma City.
What is Unique About PVCS?
You get as many eye exams and pairs of glasses as needed or wanted and/or annual supplies of contact lenses during the plan year, all covered by the plan’s wholesale purchase benefit.
Limitations/Exclusions: (1) medical eye care; (2) vision therapy; (3) non-routine vision eye services and tests; (4) luxury frames; (5) premium prescription lenses; and (6) non-prescription eyewear. For more information and detail, call (888)-357-6912
Contact PVCS to learn about discount rates for groups: E-mail Wendy or Call at 1.888.357.6912
PVCS Vision Care Plan
Individual Monthly Rate
+1 Dependant
+2 or more Dependants

In-Network Plan*
Eye Exams
100% With No Copay*
Wholesale Cost***
Contact Lenses & Replacements

Contact Lenses Fittings
Wholesale Cost***

$50 copay on soft contacts fitting;
$75 on rigid or gas contact fittings;
$150 on hybrid contact fittings.
* No limits for In-Network eye exams. No limit on eyeglasses; annual supply of contact lenses. (Cannot be used with out-of-network services).

*** In-Network Materials, including frames, contact lenses, lenses and lens options/coating are provided at wholesale cost. Wholesale cost is defined as a) the current catalog listed price in Frames magazine for eyeglass frames, b) local or customary wholesale laboratory posted rate sheet for eyeglass lenses and options, or c) manufacturer’s or distributor's published wholesale per-lens or per-case price for contact lenses, plus d) applicable shipping cost and sales tax rounded up to the nearest $5.00.