Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need an I.D. card?
A:  No, id cards are not required to obtain services. Simply identify yourself as a PVCS member when scheduling your appointment with a network provider and they are able to verify benefits and eligibility using your date of birth and social security number.
Q:  Can I really go to the doctor more than once a year?
A:  If you feel your vision is changing, we want you to have eyecare when you need it, and we will cover another exam. Of course, this being said, if you have an eye infection, eye injury, cataracts, etc. this would be filed on your medical insurance.
Q:  Can I get both eyeglasses and contact lenses under the plan?
A:  PVCS members are eligible for both prescription glasses and contacts in the same plan year with no limitations on the number of pairs of prescription glasses.
Q:  Must I use a doctor on the PVCS provider list?
A:  An extensive, quality panel of independent optometrists has been assembled to provide service under this plan. Use of these doctors is mandatory in the State of Oklahoma.
Q:  Can my optometrist join PVCS?
A:  If you wish for your optometrist to be in the PVCS Provider Network, please ask him/her to contact PVCS for an application. PVCS strives to provide quality, professional providers and we are always seeking new doctors.