Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need an I.D. card?
A:  No. Cards are not required. Simply make your appointment with a participating doctor. They will only need your name, social security number, and the employee's name.
Q:  Can I really go to the doctor more than once a year?
A:  Yes, eye exams are covered as needed and not limited to once a year. However, PVCS does not cover medical eye care visits for eye infections or eye injuries. Those are filed with health benefits.
Q:  Can I get both eyeglasses and contact lenses under the plan?
A:  Yes, plan participants are able to purchase at wholesale cost any number of eyewear materials in any combination. Any number of eyeglasses, contact lenses, In any combination, at wholesale cost as needed through the plan are available.
Q:  Must I use a doctor on the PVCS provider list?
A:  PVCS provider doctors are selected for their quality and professional experience to provide the Plan services. Where PVCS has in-network panel doctors available, you must use one of them. Should you be outside the PVCS provider area, there are out-of-network reimbursements available, but they do not necessarily provide the best cost or service you can obtain through a PVCS in-network provider.
Q:  Can my optometrist join PVCS?
A:  If you wish your optometrist to be on the PVCS provider panel, please ask him/her to contact PVCS for an application. PVCS strives to provide quality, professional panel members, and is always seeking new doctors for our panel.