Product Concept

In the history of vision care insurance, a decision was made to limit benefits to once a year or two years. Countless individuals seeking care under this limitation have complained and suffered as a result. No company had addressed the issue until PVCS was established and developed a unique vision benefit design.

The key element in the PVCS vision benefit plan design is continuous eligibility, the ability to receive covered services after the initial visit. PVCS’ philosophy of “access to eye care services when needed” is the single most important element in delivering QUALITY in a vision care benefit. A significant number of current plan members take advantage of this benefit, and thoroughly endorse the plan as a result. Plan providers are especially pleased with this concept as it allows them the earliest possible access to solve the patient’s problem and the opportunity to monitor the result.

Through its in-network quality providers, PVCS delivers timely, quality vision benefit services and eyewear materials at wholesale cost. Additionally, when approved, an out-of-network benefit is available with the member receiving very reasonable reimbursement. The PVCS Vision Plan is unique, affordable, and designed to deliver the highest standard in service excellence.

Our philosophy includes providing excellent customer service. Therefore, our phones are answered Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm by a live customer support team member.