Benefits to the employer, employee and provider include an experienced live answer customer support staff to answer questions and assist with claims.


  • Group plans for employer funded, voluntary payroll deduction, and combination.
  • Monthly statements include member roster for easy reconciliation.
  • Enrollment:
    • paper enrollment forms are accepted and processed by our team
    • employer is able to enroll employees online
    • we have the capability to receive electronic data file feeds
  • Any enrollment changes can be submitted by email for immediate attention
  • Our plan can be an alternative option to another vision carrier provided by the employer


In network coverage
  • Eye exams covered at 100% (no co-pay).
  • Eye exams are not limited to one per year.
  • All materials at wholesale cost. (Frames, lenses, lens options and contacts)
  • Unlimited number of prescription glasses.
  • Annual supply of contact lenses
  • Members are eligible for both glasses and contacts in the same plan year.
  • Savings up to $1000 on Lasik at nJoy Vision in Oklahoma City and OMEG in Tulsa.
Out of network coverage
  • PVCS will not reimburse the plan member for services obtained within the State of Oklahoma from a non-participating doctor.
  • Outside the State of Oklahoma, plan members must use a participating doctor if one is available within 30 miles of their residence or place of work. If a participating doctor is not available within this distance, the plan member may seek services from a doctor of their choice. PVCS will reimburse the plan member a portion of the service fee incurred from a non-participating doctor. The employee must submit an itemized paid receipt from the doctor’s office within 90 days directly to PVCS for reimbursement.
Plan limitations and exclusions
  • Medical eye care.
  • Virtual exams.
  • Vision therapy.
  • Non-routine vision eye services and tests (for details call 888.357.6912).
  • Non-prescription eyewear.
Luxury frames and premium lenses will receive a 20% discount off the retail price. (Luxury frames/any frame with a wholesale cost of $125 or more and premium lenses/any lens with a wholesale cost of $375 or more.)